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Concept Engineering
For many years conveyor and general have been closely associated with the meat processing industry, with a range of specialised handling equipment, this has covered rendering plant, under kill floor waste and processing equipment — overhead meat rail fabrication to carton and tote box conveyors and pallet conveyors recently cage have completed some very large auto flash freezer conveyor plant. The consultants to the meat industry have for some time been working towards the identification of the meat on your plate back to the farm that produced it .

C&GE have been assisting in the design of equipment to enable this tracking and minimising cross contamination in the abattoirs. Many problems relate to automatic routing and tracking of the carcasses to the boning rooms, other problems relate to the after packing maturation and the use of “food caps” for both maturation and repacking.

Large 1000 head a day complexes require automation and with different maturation times etc large volumes of bins have to be stored and selected automatically as required. CAGE has overcome some of these problems in conjunction with the consultants and the implications for automated pre-packaged food warehouses are now ready for the industry.

C&GE is in the forefront of these developments.

Food processing and treatment of by products requires special equipment to comply with the environmental aspects in today’s modern society, it is no longer acceptable to pollute in any form and the processing and treatment require new technologies to render waste safe for disposal C&GE has assisted in the development of Thermal Desorption for polluted ground in conjunction with the Australian Government Australian Defence Industries ADI, the thermal destruction of waste with Dioxin adsorption equipment with rotary indirect furnaces is one area that C&GE has relevant experience in the conceptual design and prototype equipment